Machines of Mantic Stain

sculpture, student's Work, software, performance, workshop

Deforming Hybrids

data, system, computational aesthetics, object

Cosmic Traces

system, sculpture, Satellite data, computational aesthetics

Schläfli_symbol {5,3}

critical design


immersion tactics


immersion tactics, storytelling, performance

Cyprus as AI saw it

computational aesthetics, software, image, installation

The Last Play

immersion tactics, storytelling, student's Work, installation

The Eternal Labyrinth

storytelling, computational aesthetics, software, image, object

Tell-tale Heart

storytelling, student's Work, object

Kafka’s Path

storytelling, software

Poe’s Tree

storytelling, computational aesthetics, software

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja

immersion tactics, dark ecology, film, image, object, Device, performance


immersion tactics, storytelling, student's Work

Hyperstition Bot (Or, An Evolutionary Machine Appropriating Human Culture)

critical design, computational aesthetics, software, object, Device, installation

Cyprus as AI Saw it in 1879: Perpetuating Colonialism

computational aesthetics, software, image


critical design, object, Device